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Individual Design

As individual as your style. Our designs are contemporary classics. There is naturally an important reason why collect grid, change, and studio appear precisely as they do. Small or large adjustments are sometimes required to ensure that they look great in your customer’s homes. We’ll gladly carry out these in the familiar Sonorous quality.

Customised Lacquer

  • Lacquer customized to your specifications in mattand high gloss, with the control samples
  • Matt lacquer surfaces in all colors NCS, RAL
  • Matt lacquer to match individual customer samples

Customized Dimensions

  • Revising length, height, and width
  • Shelves and back walls, sides and sides for free with customized sizes, depths, and heights
  • Make space for particular devices or items

Special Drill Holes

  • Individual drilling grids for drilling that are different from the standard grids
  • Individual drill holes, e.g. for use above or around windows or doors
  • Cable grommets can be found in any location, and other customized versions


  • To route cables and plug sockets
  • For specific room conditions and passageways
  • As well as other custom-made versions


  • Variety range of spray painted glass (shiny or matt)
  • Powder coated metal for legs and fronts
  • High-quality ceramic panels for cover
  • Wood decor panels
  • Veneer panels


  • Manufactured exclusively in Turkey according to international standards
  • The lacquers are in compliance with European Standards for toy safety
  • All of the energy used in production is provided from the sun

Modular Construction

Modular construction allows you to arrange cabinets as you require, floor standing, attached to your walls, or both, you decide. A system of specialist furniture that combines elegance, technical performance and perfection.

Porcelain & Glass Lamination


Porcelain be can used as the skin for surfaces and structures, designed to multiply intended uses and applications. (Tabletops, sideboard body or front, coffee tables etc.)

Laminated porcelain & glass is a type of safety material that is made of two or more panels of ajoined together by a layer of plastic (EVA). You can think of this joining as creating a glass & porcelain sandwich. It is safer, if broken, glass or porcelain fragments remain in place rather than breaking into dangerous shards.

Using this new concept that combines light weight and technical performance, it is now possible to create genuine products or installations with the added benefits that come with ceramic technology. The very nature of the material also lets designers apply each of these possibilities in indoor and outdoor environments to develop smooth, curved and even backlit surfaces.

Acid Etched Glass / Back Painted

Acid-etched glass is annealed glass treated with acid to permanently change its appearance, making it smoother than sandblasted glass. We strategically color the reverse side of a piece of glass using advanced equipment renowned for precision, spray painting unit and tempering oven, to ensure the finished product is evenly covered. By coupling the beauty of back-painted glass with its practicality, you’ll have a winning combination for endless applications.
Acid Etched Glass

Acoustic Fabric Door

Acoustic Fabrik Door

Perforated Door

Perforated Door

Amplifier, media players and game consoles can all be stored behind flaps which are covered with acoustic fabric door or perforated door. Designed to ensure adequateventilation so your devices don’t overheat.

A sound bar, loudspeakers and subwoofers can be placed and operated, hidden from view, without affecting performance.

Aluminium Edges

Careful use of anodized aluminium profiles creates impact resistance edges.

Flap Door Mechanism

High-quality flap mechanisms ensures soft opening and closing.
IR Repeater

IR Repeater

Control all your equipment with your remotes, yet keeping it out ofsight. Our Infrared Repeater system relays remote control signals to your equipment within the cabinet.



Drawers incorporate high performance and luxury “push to open” mechanisms.

Push the Open System (EX / SB)

Cable Management


Cables are an essential part of your system, but you don’t want to see them. Multiple and discrete horizontal and vertical cable channels make for easy access for cabling through shelves and cabinets whilst keeping them out of sight within the cabinet.
Cable Management

Rotating Mount


Brushed anodised aluminium profile is used for TV mounting and provides rotating and an integrated cable management system.

Adjustable Levelling Feet
for Metal Legs

Adjustable Levelling Feet for Metal Legs

Adjustable Levelling Feet
for Bases